Studying a double degree (Doppelstudium) is in principle possible, but in order to enrol prior approval by the Registrar’s Office (Studierendenkanzlei) is required.


Approval will only be granted if students can sufficiently demonstrate in their application that they are duly able to complete the chosen degree programmes. Applicants should be aware of the consequences of taking on the increased study load of a double degree. Being able to duly complete a double degree means that both degree programmes can be attended without overlapping lecture times and that no delay in the completion of the degree programmes is expected. Since any disadvantages that may arise as a consequence of the increased study load are the student’s own responsibility, it is absolutely necessary to obtain detailed information from a subject-related study advisor (Fachstudienberatung) before beginning a double degree programme.


Pursuant to Art. 48 Para. 1 Sentence 3 of the  Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act (Bayerisches Hochschulinnovationsgesetz, BayHIG), enrolment in two or more restricted admission degree programmes is only permitted if there is a special professional, scientific, or artistic interest in studying in the two restricted admission degree programmes at the same time.


  • If the degree programme that is to be added to the existing degree programme is a restricted admission undergraduate degree programme or a master’s degree programme, the applicant must first apply and receive admission to the programme. Similarly, it is only possible to add a degree programme/subjects that require an aptitude assessment process or test after the aptitude assessment process or test has been passed. Applications for studying a double degree must be submitted within the timeframe specified in the letter of admission (Zulassungsbescheid).
  • In order to be admitted to a double degree in open admission undergraduate degree programmes at the University of Augsburg at least 90 credit points must have already been achieved in the first degree programme. Therefore, please enclose a transcript of your grades which includes the number of credit points achieved to date (print this out from STUDIS) with your application to studying a double degree. If you lack the required credit points or if you are applying for the double degree before the fourth subject semester, the approval of two professors or subject-related study advisors (Fachstudienberater) from the desired degree programmes is required.

    The addition of a teaching-related bachelor’s degree programme (Bachelor of Education) can take place from the fifth semester of the corresponding teaching degree programme. The admission requirement is that at least 110 credit points can be credited to the teaching-related bachelor degree programme. In order to obtain relevant confirmation of this, the application to study a double degree must first be submitted to the examinations office.

    A prior online application is not necessary for the addition of an open admission undergraduate degree programme.

    Please refer to the deadlines and dates page for information on the deadlines for applications to study a double degree.
    If passing an aptitude assessment process or test is required for admission to an open admission degree programme, evidence of this must be provided at the time of enrolment. The relevant deadlines for registering for the aptitude assessment process or test must also be observed.  


Enrolment at two different universities is also possible. First clarify with the other university how you should proceed. Then contact the University of Augsburg’s contact person: Frau Grob.


Applications to study a double degree must be submitted during the enrolment period to the Registrar’s Office (Studierendenkanzlei).




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