Graduiertenzentrum Fakultät für Angewandte Informatik

The FAI Graduatecenter offers various support services for doctoral students (Praedocs) and post-doctoral scientific employees (Postdocs). Workshops, trainings and events are organized to support young scientists. Furthermore, the focus is on networking with other doctoral candidates and post-docs of the faculty as well as on interdisciplinary communication.



Information about future workshops and events is available on a mailing list. Feel free to sign up here.





Upcoming Events


Date Event name
26.05  Workshop: Design Thinking and Techniques for more Creativity

06.06 &

13.06 &


 JobTalks: What to do after your (post-)doctoral time?

 Get the chance to ask Profs and Employees directly.

18.06 - 24.06

 Stay in Sion, Switzerland: Stay in "Maison Blanche" and "Le Coq" to connect to other PhD students

 and discuss details and problems of your PhD with peers

4th week of April


1st week of Mai

 Workshop: Writing scientific english and publications

1st or 2nd Week

of July

 Information Event and Barbecue
September  Workshop: Scientific communication
October / November  Workshop: Open Access Publizieren
October / November  Workshop: Wissenschaftliches Publizieren
October / November  Workshop: Wissenschaftskommunikation
?  Workshop: Projectmanagement
?  Compact management training - what makes a good future manager?





Previous Events


Date Eventname
04.06.2022  Information Event and Barbecue


 Seminar Wissenschaftskommunikation




 Aufenthalt in Sion, Schweiz, in den Häusern "Maison Blanche" und "Le Coq"
 zum Kennenlernen anderer Promovierender, wissenschaftlicher Austausch und
 Vertiefung der eigenen Arbeit
27.09.2022  Schreiben überzeugender Forschungsanträge und wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten
14.10.2022  Open Access Publizieren
14.10.2022  Wissenschaftlich Publizieren



 Workshop on Creativity Techniques and Design Thinking





Ansprechpersonen (2022/23)

Wiss. Mitarbeiter
Regionales Klima und Hydrologie
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Humangeographie und Transformationsforschung
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Lehrstuhl für Organic Computing
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Lehrstuhl für Menschzentrierte Künstliche Intelligenz
Dr. Florian Auer
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Lehrstuhl für IT-Infrastrukturen für Translationale Medizinische Forschung