Students already enrolled at the University of Augsburg must re-register if they wish to continue their studies in the next semester. A personal re-registration is not necessary.

Anyone who fails to re-register on time or fails to do so shall be exmatriculated (legal basis:  Art. 49 Para. 2 No. 4 of the Bay. Hochschulgesetz (Bavarian Higher Education Act). In degree programmes with a maximum number of spots (admission restrictions), exmatriculation means the loss of the spot.


Re-registration for the next semester takes place by transferring the semester fees within the re-registration period. Cash payments are not accepted.  

The university collects these contributions on behalf of the Studentenwerk in accordance with Art. 95 Para. 5 Sentence 1 Bay. Hochschulgesetz and pays them to the Studentenwerk. The amount of these contributions is determined by the Studentenwerk through statutes for the  student union fee and the semester ticket. In certain cases, there are also exceptions to the payment of the total amount.


Please find the current re-registration period and the amount due for the student union fee and the semester ticket on the German version of this page.


In connection with re-registration, please also note the regulations regarding proof of health insurance. If you change your health insurance provider, a new proof must be submitted.




In general, all students must pay the two semester fees due for the Augsburg Student Union. There are exceptions below for the student union fee as well as the semester ticket:

Art. 95 Para. 2 Sentence 2 Bay. Hochschulgesetz

Students who are matriculated at several universities in Bavaria and

  1. for whom different Studentenwerke are responsible, are only liable to pay fees at the Studentenwerk in whose area of responsibility the first enrolment falls ( Art. 95 Para. 2 Sentence 2 Bay. Hochschulgesetz).
  2. students for whom their own Studentenwerk is responsible must pay the amount to the university at which their first enrolment took place. This also applies to the additional contribution for student transport. If this contribution is payable exclusively to the higher education institution at which the second enrolment took place, only the contribution for transport is payable to this higher education institution.

This means that students who

  • ... are enrolled at both the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Augsburg, pay the contribution for the student union and the semester ticket at the university where the first enrolment took place.
  • ... are enrolled at another university in Bavaria and at the University of Augsburg, only pay the semester ticket fee at the University of Augsburg if they have paid the student union fee at the other Bavarian university. Therefore, please always pay the contribution at the first university. This is absolutely necessary if you are still enrolled at a university in Munich.
  • ... are enrolled in a joint degree programme at the participating higher education institutions on the basis of a cooperation agreement between two higher education institutions, must pay the fees at the higher education institution whose enrolment law they are subject to (recipient higher education institution).

The University of Augsburg is the recipient university for the Master's programmes: Software Engineering, Finance and Information Management and Intellectual Property and Competition Law.


Separate semester ticket:

Severely disabled students are exempt from the obligation to pay the additional fee for the semester ticket upon application if they are entitled to free transport in accordance with SGB IX and present or have already presented the supplement to the ID for severely disabled persons with the associated valid token. Other exemptions are excluded.