The “Campus.Schule.Werk” programme is offered by the Diocese of Augsburg in cooperation with the Chair of School Pedagogy at the University of Augsburg.


For further information about this programme, please contact the Diocese of Augsburg. The project coordinator is Dr Denise Weckend:


Please note that this programme is not a component of state education degree programmes. This has the following consequences:


  • It is not part of a dual studies programme according to Bavarian higher education law.
  • Achievements acquired as part of the programme cannot be counted as achievements for admission to the state examination at the University of Augsburg for teaching positions at public schools.
  • Participation in the programme does not replace the state examination or any part thereof.
  • In particular, it does not replace practical training in a public service (Referendariat) as a prerequisite for teaching at public schools.
  • The regular deadlines for registering for the state examination must be observed. Duties as part of the “Campus.Schule.Werk” programme cannot be taken into consideration.
  • Duties as part of the “Campus.Schule.Werk” programme cannot be taken into consideration within the context of the organisational processes of an education degree (e.g., no preferential access to courses or internships or preference in the choice of examination dates, etc.)