Press release 80/23 - 31.10.2023

Facing Global Challenges – Environmental and Peace Education in Interreligious Cooperation

New international project aims to integrate climate change, climate resilience, and climate justice into the education of religious education teachers in Germany, Austria, Spain, Albania, and Malaysia.

Prof. Dr Elisabeth Naurath, a protestant religious education teacher and project leader of a research fellowship at the Jakob-Fugger-Zentrum, has been awarded an Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership. Together with international partners, it aims to develop models for integrating learnings from interreligious studies and environmental ethics into the education of religious education teachers from various religions.

In cooperation, Germany (University of Augsburg), Austria (KPH Vienna), Spain (UIC Barcelona), Albania (University College Beder), and Malaysia (International Islamic University Malaysia) will focus on the consequences of the climate crisis, possibilities for climate resilience, and questions of climate justice, primarily using the example of water. The aim is to develop competence-oriented models of learning for interreligious studies and environmental ethics in the education of teachers working in various religious contexts.

Through international cooperation, interreligious studies will be (re)designed to integrate topics related to climate protection, the promotion of climate resilience, as well as reflection on climate justice as a focus area in education. The project aims to contribute to the urgent need for an ecological transformation not only to promote the advancement of environmental knowledge but also to develop a common awareness of environmental ethics.

On the basis of information transfer, discussion and reflection on the basics of theology and environmental ethics, as well as context-specific approaches for protecting the environment and responding to climate change, the education of teachers across all disciplines will be further professionalised, with the result that interreligious cooperation in environmental ethics will be transferred to professional practice in schools through, for example, pedagogical concepts, team teaching, as well as jointly-developed learning materials.

The relationship between protecting the environment and the climate and global peace will be recognised and implemented in schools in an interdisciplinary way through professional teachers. This will promote a change in awareness of environmental ethics since the possibility for international and interreligious cooperation is emphasised through solidarity and justice, which can help to offset resignation and despondency among students.

Elisabeth Naurath is professor of protestant religious education and is honorary chair of the international peace organisation “Religions for Peace.” Her focus on peace education and interreligious education (Friedenspädagogisches Zentrum at the University of Augsburg) aims to advance religious education for sustainable development.


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