Chair of EIHW hosts sustAGE project meeting

From the 26th to 29th November, the Chair of EIHW hosted researchers from across Europe at the first annual general meeting of sustAGE, a €4 million European Union Horizon 2020 project. sustAGE’s aim is to develop a state-of-the-art assistive system to improve the productivity and quality of life of older adult employees, both at work and at home. The University of Augsburg is one of ten academic and industrial partners on the project.


The consortium discussed its achievements in sustAGE’s first year, including the release of the latest version of a wristwatch app custom-designed for the project, results on the accuracy of technology developed to locate workers, and the performance of algorithms developed to estimate employees’ pose. Recommendations that the sustAGE system will provide to participants and the goals of such interventions were also discussed.


A technical meeting also took place to finalise details for the release of the project’s first prototype, a basic version of the system, by the end of 2019. Over the next two years, this will be developed into a final product for use by employees in and outside of the workplace.


The Consortium also met sustAGE’s External Advisory Board (EAB), which comprises experts in the fields of computer vision, ergonomics, occupational health & safety, and transport and logistics. EAB members provided valuable inputs and feedback towards the successful, ground-breaking accomplishment of the project vision and goals.


Read more about sustAGE  here.

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