EHS-Symposium - Atmospheric exposures and health

Event Details
Date: 28.09.2023, 14:00 o'clock - 17:30 o'clock 
Location: Zoom, -, digital
Organizer(s): Environmental Health Sciences
Topics: Gesundheit und Medizin
Event Type: Infoveranstaltung
Speaker(s): Elke Hertig, Christoph Knote, Hans Orru, Alexandra Schneider, Matthias Ketzel, Kees de Hoogh, Irena Kaspar-Ott, Alina Hermann, Susann Hueber, Meike Federau, David Jean Du Preez und Robin Kara

Discover the intricate impact of atmospheric exposure on human health at our online symposium. Explore the interplay of thermal, air quality, and actinic factors, and their effects on well-being. Renowned speakers will present research on multi-exposures, vulnerability factors, and holistic prevention strategies. Join us via Zoom for engaging presentations and interdisciplinary discussions.

Atmospheric exposure is a complex phenomenon that involves exposure to different factors, most important thermal factors, air quality, and actinic factors. These factors comprise various elements. Thus, thermal comfort or discomfort depends on air temperature, humidity, wind, and radiation. Air pollutants comprise for instance particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and ground-level ozone. Actinic factors involve the visible and ultraviolet spectrum of solar radiation. The factors and their elements do not occur in an isolated way but are concurrently present. Also, there are simultaneous occurrences of exposure extremes such as heat waves combined with high levels of UV and ground-level ozone. The exposures vary spatially and temporally, often in particular on small scales such as in intra-urban environments. Furthermore, they affect human health in different ways, i.e., there are linear or non-linear, additive, synergistic or antagonistic effects. The aim of the symposium is to highlight research addressing multiple atmospheric exposures and their impact on human health. The focus is on research about the temporal and spatial variability of atmospheric multi-exposures and the relationships with human health. The contribution of non-atmospheric exposures, for instance noise, light or land use, and factors governing vulnerability such as socio-economic status and lifestyle are also in the centre of interest. Of further relevance are personal multi-exposure and risk assessments, as well as holistic prevention and adaptation strategies. The symposium wants to combine knowledge and approaches from environmental, medical, epidemiological, and geographical sciences, planning, communication, and public health. This symposium will be held online via Zoom, with presentations by respected and prominent speakers followed by discussions. Registration: The event will take place as a Zoom meeting. For participation, please register at You will then receive the link to access the zoom meeting. Für einen genauen Ablaufplan klicken Sie bitte auf "Webseite und weitere Informationen", um diesen herunterzuladen.

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