Press release 84/22 - 10.10.2022

“UniA to go” podcast: All you need to know about uni services while studying

In “UniA to go,” two students at the University of Augsburg have prepared everything you need to know about university life through a series of informative and engaging interviews with university staff.

The University of Augsburg’s new podcast series “UniA to go,” developed by Nina Lacher and Sara Nußbaum, two students from Augsburg’s Global Business Management Program, is not just for first-year students. Through interviews with staff from various university facilities and services, they have prepared some useful tips and information about studying at the University of Augsburg.

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“Due to the pandemic, it was sometimes difficult for us to find the right contact people at the University of Augsburg. Since our fellow students felt the same way, we wanted to create a modern, low threshold solution,” says Sarah Nußbaum, describing the initial idea for the project. “The podcast seemed like an ideal medium to us since podcasts have become a popular medium among our target group in recent years,” adds Nina Lacher. “Students use this medium a lot, for entertainment as well as personal development.”

The two students, together with the Communications & Marketing Department, started conceptualizing the podcast and acquiring interview partners in February 2022. During the semester break in March and April, they designed the individual episodes and organized for their recording. The podcasts were recorded using the facilities of the Center for Digital Teaching and Learning (DigiLLab), which provided professional recording equipment and know-how in support of the project. Following the recording, the students edited the podcasts and then inserted a pre-recording for the opening and closing. 

The first two episodes have been released just in time for the start of the winter semester lecture period and can be found on Spotify,, and Deezer. Further episodes will be released at fortnightly intervals. All episodes can already be found on the University of Augsburg’s homepage, providing first-year students with all the tips and tricks.

The podcast series includes nine episodes in total and is dedicated to explaining important university facilities and services from the International Office and the library through to university sports and the Student Counselling Service. Alongside interviews with staff from different areas of the university about the focus of their work, each podcast provides students with tips and tricks ‘to go’ in order to help them navigate university life.  

The president of the University of Augsburg, Prof. Dr. Sabine Doering-Manteuffel, is delighted by the students’ initiative. “We encourage initiative and a practical approach to studying. Created in the context of a university course, the podcast offers added value for everyone involved. The students show that commitment pays off, with personal development going hand in hand with the development of a modern service that makes it easier for new students starting at the University of Augsburg.”

With their podcast series, the two students show that the University of Augsburg offers room for the development of one’s own ideas and projects. And they both say, “If you have the chance to set up your own project, take it! Although it is more work in comparison to other university modules, the work pays off in the end and you can be all the prouder.”



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