New Graduate Centre gathers momentum

The University of Augsburg aims to provide the best possible environment for early career researchers establishing their careers. The Graduate Centre has been established to bolster support for early career researchers. It acts as an umbrella institute for the individual graduate programmes and graduate support services offered by the faculties.

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As a central point of contact for the faculties, the Graduate Centre serves to support doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers by providing interdisciplinary career advice and networking opportunities while also offering skills and professional development workshops. The Graduate Centre currently offers more than 10 different courses targeted at doctoral candidates, those interested in pursuing a doctorate, and postdoctoral researchers, as well as their supervisors.


A key focus of the Graduate Centre is the organisation and continual development of innovative event formats to promote interdisciplinary exchange and further cooperation in regional, national, and international networks. Planned activities include peer-to-peer programmes, participation in the national Postdoc Appreciation Week (1822 September 2023) and the further development of the Graduate Centre’s new lecture series “Scientia!”

With the participation of external academics, the new lecture series “Scientia!” aims to provide the impetus for developing transnational and interdisciplinary connections, while addressing current issues in the national and international higher education landscape that reflect the social role of the university in the 21st century. Within the context of the University of Augsburg’s concept of the network university, the lecture series aims to make an extracurricular contribution to the university as a place of work, underlining the importance of collaborative research for solving the great challenges of our time.

Launch of the Graduate Centre and future plans

The launch of the Graduate Centre on the 13th of June 2023 will focus on interdisciplinary research and networking at the University of Augsburg. Placed within a transnational context, it will highlight the forward-orientated work of early career researchers.

For the winter semester, the Graduate Centre is planning a welcome event for new doctoral candidates, the UNiA PhD & Postdoc Day, cooperation events with other institutes and two series of events that serve to promote interdisciplinary networking and the exchange of ideas at the university: the UNiA-GradZ Work in Progress Writing Forum and the UNiA-GradZ Synergy Hub.

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