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Winter Production at the AnglistenTheater

Caryl Churchill: Escaped Alone and Here We Go

The “AnglistenTheater” at the University of Augsburg will perform two plays – “Escaped Alone” and “Here We Go” – from the British playwright Caryl Churchill for its winter production. Both plays will be performed in English on the 7th, 8th, 12th and 14th of December at 8 pm in theatre II (Building C – Großes Hörsaalzentrum). Tickets cost €10 or €5 (concession) and can be purchased from Tuesday the 28th of November at “Taschenbuchladen Krüger” (near Königsplatz).

Four women, Lena, Vi, Sally, and Mrs J(arrett), meet for tea in Sally’s garden. They talk mostly about everyday things – family, shopping, TV series, jokes, birds – but then also about catastrophes, some of which are from their personal lives in which they were the main protagonists, and others from dystopian universes full of haunting, oppressive imagery conjured up by Mrs J in seven monologues. The title of the play “Escaped Alone” alludes to the Biblical Job, who with the words “I only am escaped alone to tell thee” proclaimed by four messengers, is told of the terrible blows of fate that will cost him all his possessions and the lives of his entire family.

Personal catastrophe in the form of death also stands at the centre of “Here We Go.” In the first scene, members of a funeral service commemorate the deceased. In the second scene “After,” the recently deceased tries to find their way into the afterlife. The third – silent – scene “Getting There,” portrays a very elderly and ill person, who is repeatedly helped to dress, undress, and move around.

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Born in 1938, Caryl Churchill is one of the most influential British playwrights, whose work is characterised by its engagement with social issues – especially feminist concerns – and its experiments with form. “Escaped Alone” premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2016 and “Here We Go” at the National Theatre in 2015.

The “AnglistenTheater” is an amateur student theatre group at the University of Augsburg, which has been performing plays in English since 1980. The group was founded by Rudolf Beck, a lecturer in English literature at the time. Over 20 students currently work with the group, who are involved in on-stage and off-stage work, such as set construction, make-up and costumes, and marketing.


Dates: Thurs 7., Fri 8., Tues 12., Thurs 14. of December 2023 at 8:00 pm
Venue: Theatre II (Building C, Großes Hörsaalzentrum), University of Augsburg, Universitätsstraße 10, 86159 Augsburg

Tickets: €10 / €5 (concession). Tickets go on sale on Tuesday the 28th of November at “Taschenbuchladen Krüger” (near Königsplatz). Order forms can be downloaded from our website.

Links (Caryl Churchill): British Council Writers’ Directory; BBC documentary (1997)

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