Low groundwater levels in Bavaria & the national water strategy

The winter in Bavaria was again too dry and too warm, with effects on the groundwater levels. More than 60% of all groundwater levels in Bavaria were low or very low at the beginning of March. Prof. Harald Kunstmann relates the increase in climatic extremes with climate change and emphasizes the long-term effects of a winter drought: "Late winter is actually the time when the most groundwater can form again, for example due to snowmelt." If that doesn't happen, "it will affect the entire year". According to Prof. Kunstmann, forecasts of another drought summer cannot yet be clearly forecasted, since above-average temperatures are likely for June and August, but forecasts about precipitation are still uncertain.

You can find the article in the Augsburger Allgemeine under this link, the corresponding interview (paywall) is here.


The new national water strategy was passed by the Federal Cabinet on March 15, 2023. It is intended to counteract the increasing scarcity of water as a resource due to climate change. In the BR interview, Prof. Harald Kunstmann rates this strategy as an important and suitable means, but at the same time emphasizes that it is a long way from recognition to appropriate action.

The entire interview can be found here