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The Database and Information Systems chair at the Department of Computer Science (University of Augsburg) focuses on both methodological problems (Data Science) as well as technological challenges (Data Engineering) when managing and analyzing datasets of massive scale and/or complex structure (Big Data).

The view on the management and analysis of data has changed significantly in the last years. In addition to static collections of data that are updated and queried infrequently, a combination of rich and complex sources with massive scale and frequent updates need to be handled, while the analyses incorporate complex methods and models.

The goal of the chair is to explore Data Science and Data Engineering in combination. New methods to perform analyses change the requirements on the technical infrastructure, while advances in technical infrastructure allow performing analyses in higher speed and larger scale. Pursing co-design with understanding and knowledge in both domains is therefore a very promising approach.

Previous research in the group has covered scalable and low-latency data analysis systems as well as complex models, in particular for social media.

Currently, the chair is working on four research areas, which all concern large, time-evolving data, but pose complementary requirements on methods and infrastructure:

  • Analysis of (social) streams and graphs
  • Scalable (main-memory) database systems for temporal data
  • Adaptation and Recommendation of Information
  • Provenance and assurance of data and operations

For teaching, the chair offers foundations (in the BSc program) on databases and preferences as well as specializations (in the MSc program) on methods for data analysis and implementation of data management infrastructure. These lectures are complemented by seminars, lab courses and theses.




Head of the Chair
Chair for Databases and Information Systems

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