The general requirements for admission to doctoral studies are set forth in the General Doctoral Regulations of the University of Augsburg (PromOA). The specific requirements for admission to the Dr.rer.nat. program at the Medical Faculty are set out in the Faculty's Regulations for Doctoral Studies Dr. rer. nat. (PromOMed Dr.rer.nat.).




The ordinary doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) is divided into two stages:


  • The doctorate project
  • The doctoral examination procedure


1. The doctorate project


The doctoral project commences with the candidate's admission to the program. The Doctoral Committee assesses the doctoral project with regard to its suitability for the award of the doctoral degree. In addition to the supervision agreement, the candidate must submit all documents required for the registration of the doctoral project. A list of the documents to be submitted can be found on the respective application form (Registration form doctoral project Dr. rer. nat.). Upon positive evaluation by the doctoral committee, a thesis advisory committee must be appointed no later than three months after the registration of the doctoral project. An agreement on study objectives must be submitted to the doctoral committee within six months of the doctoral project's registration.
Proof of academic competence must be provided by the time the doctoral project is completed. This can be demonstrated through participation in an accompanying doctoral program or through equivalent academic competencies acquired externally.


2. The doctoral examination procedure


The doctoral examination procedure commences with the submission of the dissertation. After approval of the dissertation and the accompanying documentation, the candidate will be permitted to proceed to the oral examination. Upon successful completion of the oral examination and submission of the requisite copies of the dissertation for publication, the doctoral degree is conferred.

Please compile your respective documents into a single PDF file in the order specified in the application form and send it to the following email address:
In addition, the aforementioned documents must be submitted by postal mail to the Office of Academic Affairs, Dean's Office of the Faculty of Medicine.


Only complete documents will be considered by the doctoral committee. Please be aware of the specific submission deadlines


Next meetings of the doctoral committee:
15. Mai 2024 (Deadline: 05. Mai 2024)

10. Juli 2024 (Deadline: 01. Juli 2024)





Doctoral Committee

Chair                                                 Vice-chair


Professor in Physiology and Vascular Biology
Head of Chair
Anatomy and Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Volker Eulenburg
Professor for Translational Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
Anesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care
Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Claus
Professor for Personalized Tumor Medicine and Molecular Oncology
Professor für Festkörperchemie und Materialwissenschaften
Institute of Physics


Dr. Romina Dintner
Research and Promotion of Young Researchers & Academic Affairs
Dean's office
Silke Sanders
Academic Appointment Management & Academic Affairs
Dean's office
Brigitte Miller
Office Research and Promotion of Young Researchers & Academic Affairs
Dean's office