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BKH Augsburg
BKH Augsburg

Overview of the teaching topics

At our chair, we teach the topics of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychosomatics and child and adolescent psychiatry in the module Nervous System and Psyche . In accordance with the model course of study, we teach clinical content from the first semester until graduation. The courses serve to acquire clinical knowledge, exposure to practically relevant principles, and practice of practical skills, and increase in complexity as the curriculum progresses. Thereby we integrate the goals of the new licensing regulations and the new National Competence-based Learning Objectives Catalogue in Medicine (NKLM). We design our teaching tob e modern and application-oriented. Our goal is to inspire students and to prepare them competently in the field of psyche in their role as physicians. In addition to clinical content, we also teach scientific skills in the Scientific Longitudinal Course (WLK I and II) and the Scientific Block Internship. As a clinic, we coordinate and design WLK II, which covers the terms 5 to 10, in close exchange with the other chairs. The focus of WLK II is on methodological knowledge, research procedures, ethics, scientific communication as well as reference to everyday clinical practice in the sense of evidence-based medicine.


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