Dear students, dear colleagues,


The Commissioner of International Affairs is responsible for the coordination of the international matters of the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Materials Engineering. He/She will help you with all questions that may arise in this context. Of course, the Commissioner of International Affairs closely cooperates with the University's International Office and the responsible Vice President.


For specific question in relation to student exchange in the context of the ERASMUS program, please contact primarily the following colleagues:



The staff of the International Office (IO) will help you with more general questions. Also the extensive information available on the IO's webpage is highly recommended.


For all questions related to the International Master 'Materials Science', please write to the following address:


With kind regards
Ulrich Eckern


(*) Prof. Rathgeber also is Vice Commissioner of International Affairs.

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The Faculty's Commissioner for International Affairs, Full Professor (Chair for Theo. Phys. II)
Theoretical Physics II
Head of Working Group
Finance & Information Managment
Vorsitzender des Prüfungsausschusses Mathematik - Erasmusbeauftragter am Institut der Mathematik
Differential Geometry