Former employees

  • Dr. Yannis Bähni, Research Associate
  • Dr. Miguel Barbosa Pereira, Research Associate
  • Dr. Alexandru Doicu, Research Associate
  • Christine Fischer, Team Assistant, 2012 - 2019
  • Dr. Pavel Hájek, Research Associate
  • Dr. Kathrin Helmsauer, Research Associate
  • Dominik Xaver Hörl, Research Associate
  • Dr. Seongchan Kim, Research Associate
  • Dr. Junyoung Lee, Research Associate
  • Dr. Bowen Liu, Postdoc
  • Dr. Amin Mohebbi, Research Associate
  • Dr. Agustín Moreno López, Postdoc
  • Julius Natrup, Research Associate
  • Dr. Robert Nicholls, Research Associate
  • Dr. Sven Prüfer, Research Associate
  • Dr. Kevin Ruck, Research Associate
  • Dr. Peter Übele, Research Associate

Former Guests

  • Prof. Dr. André Koch Torres Assis, Research stay via Alexander von Humboldt Foundation,
    University of Campinas (UNICAMP)/ Brazil
  • Bill Acakpo, Exchange PhD Student, Benin/ West Africa
  • Carlos Barrera, Researcher, Mexico/ USA
  • Prof. Dr. Edward Belbruno: Researcher, Princeton University & Yeshiva University/ USA
  • Gian Marco Canneori: Exchange PhD Student, University of Turin/ Italy
  • Shah Faisal, exchange PhD student, Humboldt University Berlin/ Germany
  • Dr. Amanda Hirschi: Researcher, University of Cambridge/ UK
  • Joontae Kim, Exchange PhD Student, South Korea
  • Sungho Kim, Exchange PhD Student, Seoul National University/ South Korea
  • Prof. Yi-Jen Lee, Part of her Sabbatical, Hongkong/ China
  • Ryuma Orita, Exchange PhD Student, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Rafael Ortega, Researcher, Granada/ Spain
  • Dr. Kyler Siegel, Researcher, Columbia University/ USA
  • Prof. Dr. Antonio Ureña, Researcher, Granada/ Spain
  • Dr. Qun Wang, Researcher, Dauphine University Paris/ France
  • Dr. Xingbo Xu, Researcher, China
  • Beija Zhou, Exchange PhD Student, China Scholarship Council (CSC)
  • Dr. Zhengyi Zhou, Researcher, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton/ USA