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The Resource Lab is a research unit at the Institute for Materials Resource Management (MRM) at the University of Augsburg with a main focus on Industrial Ecology.

Bridging the gap between engineering sciences, natural sciences and business economics, the Resource Lab has broad collaborations with research centers and institutions as well as ministries, industry and foundations.

An interdisciplinary team composed of industrial engineers, economists, material scientists, physicists, chemists and computer scientists work on application-oriented solutions for the design of resilient systems, economic, environmental, and social assessment of materials, raw materials and technologies, Techno-economic optimization of Production & Supply Processes and Sustainable Supply Chain Management & Circular Economy.
A special focus is on criticality assessments, Life-Cycle-Assessments and Social-Life-Cycle-Assessments.

The Resource Lab is managed by Mrs. Dr. Andrea Thorenz.




Members of the Resource Lab, as well as lecturers and associated persons.

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Projects of the Resource Lab

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