Bachelor- und Master projects are available on all current research activities of the chair. For further information, please contact Prof. Philipp Gegenwart



Current thesis topics include:


Growth and Characterization of Thin Films and Multilayers

As a member of our thin film group you will have the possibility to grow thin layers or mulilayers of oxides using our sputtering systems, oxide flash evaporator, or even our pulsed laser deposition system. You will characterize the grown films by their structural properties with the help of our diffractometer and scanning probe techniques. The samples can be patterned using optical or e-beam lithograhy. The transport properties can be investigated down to low temperatures and high magnetic fields. Today we are mainly interested in novel effects taking place at interfaces of such thin films and the substrate material or even within the interfaces of multilayers. With the materials under investigation we are looking after superconductivity, metal-to-insulator transitions or multiferroicity with the aim to functionalize such interface structures for device applications. If you are interesting in the topic of designing and analyzing thin films, you are warmly welcome to contact either Prof. Gegenwart or Dr. Hammerl for more information. We are looking forward to meeting you! 


Contact: Prof. Philipp Gegenwart