Open Access: Wissenskulturen der Soziologie (2018) and Soziologische Experimentalität (2020)

The volume Wissenskulturen der Soziologie (Cultures of Knowledge in Sociology) by Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller and Prof. Dr Angelika Poferl is now available as Open Access:

Beltz Juventa
2018: Reiner Keller, Angelika Poferl: . Weinheim: Beltz Juventa

The question of what constitutes sociological knowledge has accompanied the development of the discipline since its beginnings, partly im-, partly explicitly. It can be answered less than ever by the normative assertion of a unity. The external boundaries are unstable, the multiplicity of internal differentiations is increasing. The book turns to the particularities of sociological knowledge production empirically and analytically. It is dedicated to the study and discussion of knowledge cultures with priority given to sociology.

The volume Soziologische Experimentalität (Sociological Experimentality) by Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller, Dr. phil. Gregor J. Betz and Dr. Maya Halatcheva-Trapp is now available as Open Access:

Beltz Juventa
2020: Gregor J. Betz, Maya Halatcheva-Trapp, Reiner Keller: . Weinheim: Beltz Juventa

"Sociological experimentality" refers to characteristics and possibilities of sociological cultures of knowledge that raise far-reaching questions about the relationship between discipline and phenomenal reference. It is about moments, conditions and properties of cognition in sociology that allow it to undertake redescriptions in confrontation with the intractability of its objects and thereby create understanding and experiences - for the researchers and for its social audience.
This volume brings together contributions that discuss the comprehensive idea of a "[world] society in self-experimentation" (Angelika Poferl) as a threefold challenge: in the sense of a sociological experimentalism, an experimentalism of methods and an experimentalism of objects.