Summer School 'The Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse' (in English)

The next english-language Summer School SKAD takes place on July 29-31, 2024 at the University of Augsburg.


The Summer School SKAD builds on the broad international interest in SKAD and introduces core issues of the concrete doing and practice of SKAD based discourse research. It addresses colleagues from the social sciences and the broad range of the humanities who are interested in learning about SKAD and its profile within the field of discourse studies as well as in doing SKAD research/using SKAD methodologies in their own discourse-oriented research.


It will discuss the following topics:

  • What is at stake when using SKAD in discourse research?
  • SKAD theory: discourses & dispositifs – and how to conceptualise them
  • Research questions and conceptual tools in SKAD
  • The methodology of interpretive analytics
  • Getting into the field: methods of data collection and analysing data
  • Getting out of the field: from data analysis to comprehensive diagnostics
  • Discussion of participants’ research
  • Special interest sessions (optional): SKAD applications in sociology and the humanities & SKAD application in political science
To find out more about the Summer School SKAD and to register, please click .


Organisation: Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller.