How can I print multiple pages on one page?

In the print settings, select „Pages per sheet“ and select the number of pages you want to print.

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Note: For correct multipage printing from Acrobat Reader, automatic rotating and centering must be disabled (deselect auto-rotate and center).

Where can I print in color?

One color laser printer is available in all computer rooms. If a color printout is selected, only the colored pages of the document are billed at the higher rate. All black/white pages cost 5 cents each despite selecting color printout.

How can I print on both sides?

Firstly, in the top left corner of the window to be printed, click "File" and then "Print...". In the window that opens, click “Properties” to the right of the printer name, choose the "Layout" tab and select "Print on Both Sides"

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How can I print from a private notebook/ PC?

Visit the page of the  student printing billing system.

Now log on with your own RZ user ID and your password.

Now click "Online Printing” and "Send Print Job”.

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Select the required printer and click „2. Print Settings and Account Selection“

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Enter the number of copies and click “3. Upload Document”.

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Click "Browse" and select the required document on your hard drive. (It is only possible to upload PDF documents and image files via the Webprint platform; other formats are not supported). Then click "3. Upload and Finish”.

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Finally, check the status of the printing and remove the printed pages from the printer.

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Problems with printing

Make sure that you still have credit on your printing account. When printing larger print jobs (e.g., printing entire scripts), it can take several minutes for the data to be transmitted to the printer.


If you nonetheless still cannot print, please contact the it.wiwi team in room 2112 or use the phones next to the printers.