Dr. Christian Gahm

Assistant professor
Prof. Dr. Axel Tuma: Production & Supply Chain Management
Phone: +49 821 598 - 4359
Email: christian.gahm@wiwi.uni-augsburg.de
Room: 1437 (J)
Visiting hours: By appointment
Address: Universitätsstraße 16, 86159 Augsburg

Short bio

Christian Gahm, born in 1979, studied Applied Computer Science at the University of Augsburg with a focus on software engineering and programming languages as well as communication systems and systems-related computer science. Since November 2006, he has been a research associate at the Chair of Production & Supply Chain Management. Since his doctorate in 2010, Mr. Gahm has been leading the research group "Production Management" and is striving for his habilitation. In the area of research, Mr. Gahm is concerned with the development of problem-specific scheduling algorithms, energy-oriented production planning and decision support or advanced planning systems in operational practice. In addition to classical courses (lectures and seminars) in the areas of supply chain management and operations management, Mr. Gahm is also responsible for the organization and implementation of the course offerings regarding ERP systems (SAP) at the Faculty of Business and Economics. The transfer of knowledge from research results and the latest methods into business practice is of great concern to him and has already led to great success in many practical projects.



Research topics:
  • Decision-Support- and Advanced-Planning-Systems - Design, Implementation, Planning Processes
  • Development of (tailor-made) solution methods / algorithms
  • Energy-oriented/sustainable scheduling
  • Application of robust planning methods on operational production planning tasks
  • Ganschinietz, C.; Gahm, C.; Tuma, A. (2018): Planning energy conversion units for manufacturing companies. International Conference on Operations Research (OR2018), Brussels (Belgium), September 12-14. 2018.
  • Wahl, S.; Gahm, C.; Tuma, A. (2018): Minimizing total tardiness on a serial-batch processing machine with incompatible job families defining sequence-dependent batch setup times. International Conference on Operations Research (OR2018), Brussels (Belgium), September 12-14. 2018.
  • Kanet, J. J.; Gahm, C.; Andris, R.; A. Tuma (2015): On Time by Design: The Research Behind Production Scheduling. University of Dayton 6th Annual STARS Symposium, September 17. 2015.
  • Kanet J. J.; Gahm, C. (2015): Job Shop Scheduling with Full Lot Streaming. International Conference on Operations Research, Wien (Austria), September 1-4. 2014.
  • Gahm, C. (2014): A new Java Framework for Resource Scheduling Problems. International Conference on Operations Research, Aachen (Germany), September 2-5. 2014.
  • Denz, F.; Gahm, C. (2014): Improving energy efficiency by integrating energy aspects into short-term production planning. International Conference on Operations Research, Aachen (Germany), September 2-5. 2014.
  • Kanet, J. J.; Andris, R.;Gahm C.; Tuma A. (2014): Enhanced Precedence Theorems for 1||∑Tj. 14th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling, Munich (Germany), March 30 - April 2. 2014.
  • Gahm, C. (2014): JFORS – A Java Framework for Resource Scheduling. Sitzung der AG Projektmanagement und Scheduling der Gesellschaft für Operations Research (GOR): Ansätze zur Ablaufplanung und Projektplanung im Logistikumfeld, Augsburg (Germany), February 27 - March 1. 2014.
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  • Tuma, A.; Gahm, C.; Schweiger, K. (2011): Operative Make-Or-Buy-Entscheidungen bei der Transportplanung von Großhändlern. Vortrag auf der Wintertagung der WK Logistik, Berlin (Germany), Januar 15. 2011.


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