Instructions for the preparation of letters of recommendation and expert reports


If you would like to request a professorial letter of recommendation from the Chair of Statistics for the purpose of applying for a study place abroad, a scholarship, or further studies, please note the following requirements and instructions. Basically, we cannot assure you that we have enough time resources to write a letter of recommendation in every case. Therefore, we ask you to plan well in advance in any case. In addition, a letter of recommendation is a purely voluntary service of the chair, to which there is no claim. The same requirements mentioned below for the issuance of letters of recommendation apply to the citation of Prof. Okhrin as a "reference" when applying for scholarships.

Basic requirements for a letter of recommendation to the Chair of Statistics

Students without a Bachelor's degree


The exams "Statistics I" and "Statistics II" must each have been passed at our chair with a grade of at least 2.3. The average of both exams must be at least 2.2 (or better).


In addition, further good and very good performances in the courses of the chair must show a clear focus on the contents of the Chair of Statistics.



Students with a Bachelor's degree


In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, you must have written a bachelor's thesis with clearly quantitative-methodological content, which has been evaluated with a grade of at least 1.7.


Furthermore, a clear focus on the contents of the Chair of Statistics must be evident through further good and very good performances in the courses of the Chair.

Notes for requests for letters of recommendation

We need your complete documents with which you request such a letter from us at least 4 weeks before you need the letter. We cannot meet shorter deadlines.


Generally, we need the following information from you and ask you to provide or send it to us already in your first cover letter:


  • Detailed curriculum vitae and current Studis statement.
  • Information until when you need the corresponding letter
  • Information about who a letter of recommendation should be addressed to
  • Information on what form the letter of recommendation should take (please provide here the exact requirements of the relevant university / funding institution)
  • Information on how a letter of recommendation must be received by the relevant university/funding institution from our side. What are the exact modalities here?

If you meet all the requirements, then send the above documents and information to Dr. Sebastian Heiden.


Afterwards, the Chair of Statistics will decide whether we will provide you with an expert opinion.


In general, the Chair of Statistics will issue a maximum of 2 letters of recommendation for you per semester. Keep this in mind if you are interested in several universities / funding programs.





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