" Sustainable investments supplement the classic criteria of profitability, liquidity and security with ecological, social and ethical evaluation points."

(FNG, 2014)



"The market segment of sustainable investments has experienced dynamic growth in the last decade. The proportion of (...) investors investing in sustainable investments has risen sharply, and financial service providers have continuously expanded their range of products and services.
Many future-oriented investors today expect more than the most favorable possible ratio of the classic investment criteria of security, return and liquidity with regard to their assets. Therefore, investments in companies, products or projects that combine economic with ecological or social aspects are attracting more and more interest in the financial market. Supported by global changes such as dwindling resources, global warming or demographic change, but also by increasing public awareness and political efforts to bring about change, this trend will continue."

(Faust & Scholz, 2014)




  • Measuring sustainability: Sustainability rating/sustainability indices
  • Legal framework and standards for sustainable investments
  • (In-)transparency of sustainable investments
  • Performance of sustainable investments: a comparison of the profitability of sustainable and conventional investment products
  • Motives and expectations of sustainable investors
  • Consulting and training in sustainable investments
  • Investment strategies of sustainable investment funds: exclusion, integration, engagement & co. and their influence on fund performance
  • Short online surveys (SoSci Survey) on relevant SRI topics incl. pre-testing
  • ...



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