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National champions are dinosaurs.
Neelie Kroes, Former European Commissioner for Competition

The IBE study program targets students studying business and economics who want an international focus. The compulsory stay abroad and English as the language of instruction distinguish the track from other programs. An application for the track can be submitted once after the 2nd term (of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or Economics; Minimum German language skills: C1).


The career prospects of graduates of the study program are diverse. Inter-sector management competencies prepare students for tasks in leadership positions in internationally operating companies, associations, and organizations – not only at home but also abroad. The potential ranges of tasks, depending on the students’ particular interests and focus during their degree, extend from strategy and consulting to international financial and managerial accounting to project management and marketing.




The international orientation of IBE enables students to acquire diverse core competencies while studying for their Bachelor’s degree, which meet the requirements of a globalized, dynamic world. They include:


  • Sound specialized knowledge with international relevance,
  • Well-versed in the lingua franca of the business world: English,
  • Easy integration into other cultural groups,
  • Optimal preparation for reputable Master’s programs as well as the challenges of the global employment market.

Apart from specialized knowledge in areas such as international accounting, international finance, international management, international marketing, or international economics, the students are also taught methodological competence that enables them to make scientifically sound judgments. The students therefore have diverse key qualifications that enable them to solve problems in the international context.


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