Please fill in the form completely and confirm your entries at the end. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled in to submit the form. This form helps us to understand your preferences. Actual apartment listings may differ from your preferences.


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Housing preferences

  • We try to consider your preferences as best as possible. However, due to the tight housing market in Augsburg and the high number of internationally mobile researchers, we usually cannot guarantee that all preferences can be considered.
  • We offer two solutions for your housing search:
  1. Housing offers that cover the entire duration of your research stay.
  2. Housing offers that are short-term solutions for the beginning of your stay (about 1-3 months). This is the best option if you want to search for an apartment that suits you yourself after your arrival here. However, short-term rentals are often more expensive and good deals are rather rare.
  • If you are looking for an apartment for you and your partner, please note that you need to add about 100€ to the prices below. Landlords usually charge extra for each additional person due to energy consumption and general wear and tear.
  • Even though a room in a shared apartment is the cheapest option, the decision should not be taken lightly. Shared housing means just that - sharing living space, including the kitchen and bathroom, with at least one but usually several other people. You must be willing to accommodate others and be respectful of differences in living habits and standards.

Apartment Location

  • There are few apartments near the university, so you will not see this listed as an option below. If we find availabilities near campus that match your housing request, we will offer them to you despite your information here. However, since most available apartments are in other parts of town, it is helpful for us to know if you would like to be near a train station, near nature, etc.

Visiting guests and family members

  • Not all landlords allow guests in their rental apartments, so it is important for us to know if you will be expecting guests during your time in the apartment. "Guests" are family members who are coming to visit! This does not mean people who live in the apartment full time and whom you have already indicated on the form.


Leases in Germany start either on the 1st or the 15th of the month. Please indicate when you want your lease to begin.
Please note that non-EU citizens must have 12m² per person as living space in order to obtain a residence permit.
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I acknowledge that Welcome Service is not responsible for finding housing for me. The Welcome Service only agrees to provide assistance and support in finding housing. If I do not accept any of the housing offers from the Welcome Service, I am responsible for finding housing on my own.
I confirm that the deposit and the first month's rent must be paid as soon as the lease is signed and that this may mean that I have to transfer money to my landlord before my arrival in Augsburg.
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