Every member of the university, i.e. every staff member and student, receives a personal RZ user ID including e-mail address and storage space.

With this RZ user ID you can, among other things


  • use the PC workrooms at Augsburg University.
  • use the internet for research.
  • send and receive electronic mail (e-mails) via the personal e-mail address linked to your login.
  • use the online-portal and print out enrolment certificates.
  • egister for your courses in digicampus.
  • use our access networks (WLAN, VPN).



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Students of the University of Augsburg receive their RZ user ID after enrolment via the student portal VIBS.



Student Administration Guide and Help (German Only)




The RZ user ID is automatically created as soon as the HR unit enters the data in the HR management system after the contract has been signed. The data is transferred to the employee via the DP supervisor.


Overview of all DP supervisors

However, the University of Augsburg may only offer these services within the framework of its legal mandate, so that their use is subject to certain guidelines, see the current form of the usage guidelines and the operating regulations.

In particular, all provisions arising from copyright, from licence agreements, from agreements on the use of data paths, from the Data Protection Act and other relevant legal provisions (see §4 of the operating regulations) must be observed. The rights of use of the workstations result from §2(1) of the operating regulations; use for commercial purposes is not permitted. In addition, users are obliged to independently back up their data files.