New preparatory courses for Ukrainian refugees will be held at the “Studienkolleg” Munich starting September 2023: http://studienkolleg-mü


Their aim is to prepare for the entrance examination at the “Studienkolleg”. There will probably be two groups. Accepted students will have classes in German as a foreign language, Mathematics, and Cultural Studies.


Please send us the following documents:

  • School report (from 11th class in Ukraine) as an original and as a translation in German or English
  • Curriculum vitae with information
    • about the future study course and
    • your contact details (e-mail, phone)
  • German language certificate: knowledge on level A2/B1 - secure command of A2 level, basics of B1 level German language certificate (or result of German placement test:
  • copy of passport/ residence permit/ ID
  • if available: last notification of admission (“Zuweisungsbescheid”) to the “Vorkurs” at “Studienkolleg” Munich

Please note:

1. Registrations are possible from 17 April 2023 onwards.

2. Please send you complete docoments.

3. Please send all documents in one e-mail (Please do not send each document separately!).
4. Send your documents to Anneliese Röder ( and Birgit Kirchner (


Deadline for registration: 31. Juli 2023

Those who submit their documents later cannot be accepted. The earlier you register, the better!


Important note: There will be a German language entrance test at “Studienkolleg” München. You must pass this test in order to be allowed to attend the preliminary course.


If you have any questions, please contact