What is the Studienkolleg?

Some secondary school certificates from abroad are not equal to the German Abitur. Applicants with these certificates cannot study directly at a German university.
The Studienkolleg offers a special professional and linguistic preparation. Attending the Studienkolleg usually takes two semesters and prepares for the Feststellungsprüfung. The Feststellungsprüfungis the "final examination" at the Studienkolleg and tests the professional and linguistic knowledge with regard to the future study subject.


In Bavaria, you apply for the Studienkolleg via the university at which you would later like to study. After a successful application, you will receive a notification of assignment to the Studienkolleg ("Zuweisungsbescheid zum Studienkolleg") and an invitation to the entrance test at the Studienkolleg.

How do I know whether I have to attend the Studienkolleg?

In the anabin database (in German only), you can find out whether and which courses of study you can study directly with your certificates, or whether you must attend the Studienkolleg beforehand.

Studienkolleg München

The Studienkolleg for universities in Bavaria is located in Munich. You can find more information here.