After you graduated from a German university and received your certificate you are allowed to apply for an 18-month job searching residence permit.


You can look for a job corresponding to your academic qualification while you have a full work permit with no restrictions. That gives you the chance to work in any kind of job or do an internship until you find a proper job. 


Important! The 18 month job searching residence permit can not be extended.


Please send an e-mail with a scann of the documents needed to

  • passport (+residence permit, + green paper)
  • application form 
  • leaving certificate (or document that you have completed your degree successfully)
  • proof of current health insurance cover
  • proof of sufficient financial resources (11.208,- EUR in a blocked account in Germany, or a statement of commitment in accordance with § 68 of the German Residence Act)

►After the foreign authority has checked all the documents, you will be given an appointment for a personal interview. 

►At the personal visit, you pay the fee of 93,- EUR by debit card and provide a recent passport photo.