You are responsible for entering the country with the visa required for the purpose of your stay. Citizens of some countries can enter Germany without a visa and then have 90 days to apply for a residence permit for their research project. To find out whether this is an option for you, please check the website of the German embassy in your home country.


Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that we have no influence whatsoever on the granting of the visa, not even on a faster appointment allocation - as sorry as we are about that. This is solely at the discretion of the German Embassy or the German Consulate.


A new residence permit must be applied for at the Foreigners' Registration Office before the valid visa expires. The application dan be done online:


Please select the second option "Residence permit for employment".


You can also apply by email.


In this case please send an e-mail with a scan of the documents needed to

  • application form
  • passport (including your visa, if applicable)
  • hosting agreement of hosting chair
  • if applicable current enrolment certificate ("Immatrikulationsbescheinigung") for PhD students (not mandatory, if hosting agreement is provided)
  • proof of financial support* (e.g. work contract with the University of Augsburg, scholarship, blocked account balancing at 11.208,- EUR for 12 months / 5.604 ,- EUR for 6 months or financial support confirmation "Verpflichtungserklärung" from a person of reference § 68 AufenthG)
  • proof of health insurance

►After the foreign authority has checked all the documents, you will be given an appointment for a personal interview. 

►At the personal visit, you pay the fee of 100 EUR by debit card and provide a recent passport photo.