Application documents

For your exchange application you have to upload the following documents:


Format: Image file (JPG, PNG or GIF)

Size: maximum of 5 MB, resolution maximum of 500 x 500 pixels

Please use a current photo of yourself, in which you are recognisable. The picture must show the front of your face. This photo will be used on your official student ID card, so please choose an appropriate picture, not necessarily an official passport picture.

Format: PDF

Please scan both sides of your identity card or the relevant pages of your passport. Your passport or identity card should be valid for the entirety of your exchange in Augsburg.

Format: PDF

Your CV (Curriculum vitae) should be in English or German and about 1-2 pages long.

Format: PDF

Please read up on our language requirements and accepted certificates here.


Please always make sure that your files are of good quality and that you don’t upload documents that are upside down.