Before your Arrival

Once you are enrolled at the University of Augsburg, you will receive your access ID ("RZ-Kennung") and Password to access the course management system Digicampus

Once course registration opens, we will offer an info session for incoming exchange students via Zoom to explain the course registration process at the University of Augsburg.

For information on our course offer for exchange students, visit

Please check with your home university if they have a specific deadline to submit the Before the Mobility-Learning Agreement in order to be granted the Erasmus+ scholarship. Please make sure you respect this deadline!


If your home university hasn't set a deadline, then you can complete this step after registering for your courses, but before you come to Augsburg. Your home university will have to approve your Learning Agreement first and transmit it to us for our signature. Please schedule enough time for this process.


Once the module catalogues for the semester of your exchange become available, there will be a virtual info session on how to use them to fill out your learning agreement.


Keep in Mind:

  • Your course registration and your learning agreement have to correspond, so in most cases, you should list all courses you have registered for on your Learning Agreement.
  • If you have to do your Learning Agreement before course registration, it's possible that there will be changes to your previously approved courses after course registration. In this case, you will have to submit a During the Mobility-Learning Agreement after your arrival in Augsburg in the first few weeks of the semester.



  • If you have been allocated a room in a dormitory, make sure to hand in your signed contract by email and transfer the deposit and three months of rent by the deadline specified by the Studierendenwerk.
  • Please follow the instructions you receive from the Studierendenwerk (your landlord) and make sure you get in touch with your Hausmeister/Caretaker a few weeks before your arrival to schedule an appointment for your move-in.

First Steps in Augsburg

All Erasmus exchange students are required to officially “check in” at the International Office after their arrival, so we can issue you your Certificate of Enrolment and hand you your new student ID (Campus Card). We will offer several timeslots for the check-in during Orientation Week.


You might be required to submit the Certificate of Enrolment to your home university so you can receive your Erasmus grant. Please note that regardless of the date of your actual arrival in Augsburg, the earliest date that we can confirm for your Erasmus start is the first official welcome event (see "2. Orientation Week").


The Campus Card allows you to use public transport in Augsburg, pay at the cafeteria, use the printers on campus and rent books from the library.


You can find the International Office in Building M2 on campus, on the first floor. Please also refer to the campus map at the bottom of this website.

There will be various activities and events in the week before lectures start, some of which are mandatory. Because of this, we recommend exchange students arrive before the start of the lecture period. Students can expect an official welcome session by the International Office as well as social events such as a city scavenger hunt, bavarian breakfast and bar night organized by ESN. This will be a good opportunity to get to know the city and other exchange students.


The Orientation Week Schedule will be released some weeks before the semester to all incoming exchange students.


Keep in mind:

  • For many of the the ESN events, you need to register in advance via the ESN-App to take part!

All students must register with the City of Augsburg within two weeks of arrival.


  • EU-Students have to register in person at one of the citizens' offices in Augsburg. For the registration you need your passport/ID and a confirmation of accommodation. We will offer a timeslot to complete the registration at the citizens' office together during Orientation Week. 
  • Non EU-Students have to register by email at the Hochschulbetreuungsstelle instead. Specific instructions will be sent to students this concerns. You can also find further information on the Hochschulbetreuungsstelle's  website.

The registration period for courses offered by the Language Center differs from the general registration period. For many courses (including German language courses), it will only open after your arrival in Augsburg. Additionally, registration might only be possible for a few days.


If you want to take courses at the language center, make sure to check when registration will open for the respective courses here: Registration Periods

If there are any changes to your courses compared to your approved BTM-Learning Agreement, you will have to complete a DTM (During the Mobility) Learning Agreement, which has to be finished within the first few weeks of the semester.

Campus Map

Below you can find a map of the campus. The International Office is located in building M2, close to the tram station „Universität“:


Erasmus Incoming Office
Akademisches Auslandsamt / International Office
Building M2, Room 237
Universitätsstraße 6

Tram-Stop: "Universität"


You can find our office hours here.



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