In Germany, all students are required to have valid health insurance, otherwise no enrolment is possible. You are responsible to take care of your insurance status. 

There are two types of health insurance in Germany: public and private. As a student you must normally be insured by public German health insurance. You can only be insured privately in exceptional cases.

Please bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you to Augsburg. You will present the EHIC to a German health insurance company (You will receive further information who to contact). There you will receive a certificate that your EHIC is accepted as equivalent to German public health insurance and you will receive a waiver for the enrolment. Students from Turkey: if you do not have a "European Health Insurance Card", you will need the document "A/T 11".


Change in the law as of 2019: European students who are employed in Germany and are paid accordingly are required to take out a student insurance policy in Germany (retroactive from the moment the student started working). The European insurance (EHIC) is no longer sufficient in that case.

Please note:  Exchange students have to ensure sufficient insurance cover themselves! Please make sure that your insurance covers a medically necessary return transport to your home country Accident insurance, as well as personal liability insurance, can also be useful.