Your nationality is what decides if you will need a visa as an exchange student in Germany. How you apply for your visa and how much time you need to plan for this depends on the country you live in.

Depending on your nationality, one of the following conditions will apply to you:

  • You do not need a visa, neither for entering Germany nor for your whole stay if you are an EU national.
  • You do not need a visa for entering Germany. Within the first 3 months after your arrival you must apply for a residence permit.
  • You need a visa for entering Germany. You have two options:
    • You apply for a visa for your whole stay.
    • You will arrive in Germany with a visa for 3 months / part of your stay and must apply for a residence permit before your visa expires.

Please be aware that if you require a visa, you have to take care of the visa formalities yourself and the Erasmus Student Mobility Team cannot give you legally binding information regarding visa regulations. Your contact partner is the German embassy in the country that you live in.

Initial information on the subject of visas can also be obtained from the Federal Foreign Office and the DAAD.


If you are looking for a contact person at the University of Augsburg for questions regarding your visa, please contact our colleague Ramona Krünes at the Immigration Office „Hochschulbetreuungsstelle“.