Can I take exams and earn credits as a free mover student?

Free movers can take examinations in the courses they attend. Students earn credits if they successfully complete the respective examination.

For each course, a specific examination performance and the number of credits to be earned are specified. You can find information on this in the course catalogue or on Digicampus.

What is the minimum number of credits I have to earn? Will the credits I earn be recognized by my home university?

The University of Augsburg does not stipulate a minimum number of credits that free movers must earn during the free mover semester.

However, there may be requirements from your home university. Please enquire about this with your contact person at your home university.

You can also find out from your contact person at your home university whether the credits you have earned will be recognized at your home university.

Will I receive a transcript of records confirming my examination results?

On request, the International Office at the University of Augsburg will issue you with a transcript of records confirming your examination achievements during your free mover semester in English.
If you need a transcript, please contact Birgit Kirchner during the semester.