Which courses can I attend as a free mover?

As a free mover, you are not enrolled for a single programme, but for a complete faculty. You can attend the courses of this faculty.

Start by searching for suitable courses in the module handbook for exchange students.


You can find a complete overview of the courses on offer here.

As a free mover, you can attend language and intercultural courses such as

  • the Language Centre's courses in German as a foreign language or other foreign languages
  • the intercultural courses of the International Office

Which courses can I attend?

Attend courses on your degree programme that correspond to your level of knowledge.

If you need help choosing courses for your exchange semester, you can contact the academic advisor for your degree programme.

Are there any prerequisites for attending the courses?

Some courses have specific participation requirements, e.g. completion of a specific module or attendance of a specific course.

Free movers are generally entitled to attend all courses without having to fulfil these specific formal requirements. However, it is naturally assumed that free movers already fulfil the content requirements through their studies at their home university.

Please enquire with your academic advisor and/or the respective lecturer whether you can attend your chosen course.