Persons with a vocational qualification but without a school-based higher education entrance qualification are legally required to partake in an advisory interview.  


To take part in an advisory interview, you need to submit an application for the assessment of higher education entrance qualification Antrag auf Feststellung der Hochschulzugangsberechtigung, including the documentation listed in the application form, which may then grant you either a subject-specific or general university admission.


Please note the following deadlines for the submission of applications. These apply to all degree programmes.


15 April (Start of studies in the winter semester)

15 December (Start of studies in the summer semester)


For subject-specific university admission, these are the final deadlines. This means that applications received after the deadline cannot be considered for the semester in question. For applications for general university admission submitted after the deadline, it is possible that an assessment may take place after the federal application deadline on the 15th of July or 15th of January.


As long as you fulfil the formal and technical prerequisites for university admission as a vocationally qualified person, you will receive an invitation to an advisory interview. The purpose of the advisory interview is to provide you with a realistic impression of the content, structure, and demands of your chosen degree programme.  


Following the advisory interview and an application for general university admission, you will receive confirmation of your higher education entrance qualification, which you need to attach to your application or to your enrolment request. A simple copy suffices. For applications for a subject-specific university admission, you must also successfully complete a Hochschulzugangsprüfung.


Please note: A certificate of having completed the advisory interview from another Bavarian university can only be recognised when the certificate also contains the grade point average of the vocational training examination, or special university admission examination, and the date of acquisition of the higher education entrance qualification. If you possess such a certificate, you do not need to apply for the assessment of higher education entrance qualification. You can apply directly with this certificate to restricted admission degree programmes or for enrolment in open admission degree programmes.