The following steps must be taken in order to obtain a valid, personal CAMPUS CARD for students at the beginning of your studies:


Application: You automatically apply for the issuance of your student ID card in the form of a personal CAMPUS CARD during the online application process to the University of Augsburg. You can choose whether you would like a CAMPUS CARD with a photo or without a photo.


Issuance: If you receive a confirmation for a university place and enroll at the University of Augsburg, your data for the production process of your student ID card will be released and the card will be created.

Issue: You will receive your CAMPUS CARD together with your course documents when you enroll on site.


Validation: In order to ensure that your student ID card is valid and ready for use, you must validate the card upon receipt (and every semester after re-enrollment). To validate the card, insert it into one of the designated validation devices on the university campus to obtain the necessary entries on the chip, as well as the imprint for the current validity period which is readable on the outside (on the validation strip at the bottom of the card).
Please check immediately after each validation process and during the current semester that a complete and legible validity period (from - to) is always printed on your CAMPUS CARD. If the printing is illegible, the validation can be repeated as often as necessary.


Activation of the wallet: If desired, the electronic wallet can then be activated on one of the charging devices for the CAMPUS CARD and charged with credit (see private payment function).

Registration for use in the library of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences: The library function of the student ID card can be used directly after validation in the university library. If you also want to use the library of the University of Applied Sciences, you must register your student ID card there once, in person.