Internationalization strategy of the University of Augsburg (short version)

The University of Augsburg and its members are part of the global community of researchers, teachers and students. According to its motto " scientia et conscientia", it stands for the pursuit of knowledge, mindful of the ethical and social responsibility of science.

The University of Augsburg understands internationalization as an ongoing process and a cross-sectional task anchored throughout the university, for which faculties, central institutions and university management coordinate and work together. The internationalization strategy is intended to support the university in implementing internationalization in research and teaching, while also being able to take into account current global challenges as well as the EU’s goals in the European Higher Education area.

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At the center of all the university's efforts is an awareness of shared responsibility in a networked, globalized world. In the coming years, the following goals in particular will be pursued:

  • Expansion of cooperation and partnerships with selected institutions around the world
  • Joining international university policy and research-oriented networks
  • Strengthening the international network of researchers, with a focus on young researchers
  • Increased recruitment of foreign full-time students as well as foreign doctoral students, academics and visiting professors
  • Enabling, facilitating and promoting the mobility of students and employees
  • Strengthening the cosmopolitanism and intercultural competence of students and employees
  • Initiatives for “Internationalization at Home” for those university members who (have to) decide against going abroad.
  • Increasing the proportion of internationally recognized research
  • Stronger focus on the acquisition of international third-party funds, DAAD funds and Humboldt scholarships
  • Use of the extended digital possibilities to expand internationalization
  • Implementation of Erasmus Without Paper (EWP)
  • Further development of the university campus into a place that actively supports diversity and cultural plurality

Internationalization forms a central element in the strategic development of the University of Augsburg and is therefore structurally located at the highest level.

  • Overall responsibility for internationalization lies with the President of the University of Augsburg, who delegates it to the Vice President responsible for internationalization.

  • The Vice President for Internationalization heads the Internationalization Steering Committee and coordinates with it activities in the faculties and in the administration. On the University Executive Board, he is responsible for the International Office of the University of Augsburg, represents the university externally in matters of internationalization and reports regularly to the Executive Board of the university. He is supported in his tasks by the staff units of the Executive Committee.

  • The International Office supports the responsible Vice President in the further development of strategic concepts of internationalization. It performs standardized internationalization tasks across all faculties.

  • Each faculty elects an Internationalization Officer or a Vice-Dean for Internationalization who carries the internationalization strategy of the University of Augsburg into the faculty and implements it in accordance with the subject cultures there. In addition, each faculty appoints at least one member of staff who supports the Internationalization Officer or the responsible Vice-Dean.

The central contact persons are currently:

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Welzel, Vice President for Internationalization
  • Dr Sabine Tamm, Head of the International Office
  • Dominik Baldin, Internationalization Officer, Staff Unit of the President’s Office
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The University of Augsburg is facing up to the challenges associated with the continually increasing internationalization of science and tertiary education. It will continue to be able to offer its members an attractive and internationally competitive environment in the future.


Vice-President for Financial Strategy and Human Resources Development
University of Augsburg
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International Office
Dominik Baldin
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