Green Hour: "Artistic Green Studies: A conversation with the Artist"

Event Details
Date: 11.01.2024, 12:00 o'clock - 13:00 o'clock 
Location: WZU (innocube), Raum 101, Universitätsstraße 1a, 86159 Augsburg
Organizer(s): Prof. Dr. Simone Müller (Environmental History and Environmental Humanities), Prof. Dr. Matthias Schmidt (Human Geography), PD Dr. Kirsten Twelbeck (WZU)
Topics: Internationales, Geografie, Umwelt und Ökologie, Sprache, Literatur und Geschichte
Series of events: The Green Hour - A Lunchtime Series by the Environmental Humanities
Event Type: Diskussion
Speaker(s): Eva-Maria López

Plants are all around us. In fields, urban areas or in living rooms they tell us about changes induced by climate change and modern agriculture. They testify the frightening loss of biodiversity going hand in hand with the greenwashing for a ‘better world’. - Eva-Maria López


Felix Burzler

mail | phone +49 821 598-3564

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