The geographical colloquium regularly takes place during the lecture period, on Mondays, from 17:30 in Room 1002/B (unless stated otherwise). It is open to anyone who is interested. It is not necessary to register.

Due to the Corona regulations, all lectures starting from winter term 2020/21 take place online. Also on Mondays, but at 18:00.


Mo., 10.05.21 um 18 Uhr

Prof. Dr. Arzu Çöltekin (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland Institute of Interactive Technologies)
„Individual and group differences in human-information interaction.“

Abstract: Humans differ in how they process information based on many factors including age, expertise, or cognitive abilities. In this talk, Prof. Dr. Çöltekin presents results from controlled laboratory studies on navigation, memory, learning from visuospatial displays, levels of realism and abstraction in design, and visual illusions with a focus on the individual and group differences. Understanding such differences have implications for customizing, and eventually personalizing, visualization and interaction design for geospatial displays.


Mo., 17.05.21 um 18 Uhr

Dr. Markus Meyer (Landesamt für Umwelt)
"Governance and assessment of land-system transformation"
"Bewertung und Steuerung von Dynamiken in Landsystemen".


Datum Titel Vortragende/er Typ
25.01.21 Bewertung von Dynamiken in Landsystemen Dr. Markus Meyer (Landesamt für Umwelt) Zoom



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