The Institute for Geography is involved in national and international networks:


  • Association of Geographic Information Laboratories Europe (AGILE)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie (DGfG)

    The DGfG (German Society of Geography) is the umbrella organisation of the geographical associations and societies in Germany and has 25,000 members. It represents the interests of geographers who work in schools, higher education and in professional practice. The DGfG is committed to communicating in public the content and importance of geography as a school subject, as a science and as a practical discipline. It coordinates the areas of work represented in the geographical professional associations and communicates joint objectives externally. The DGfG has more than 30 workgroups which make an important contribution to research and to continued development of theory and methods within geography. Information on the workgroups:
    Further information is available at: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geographie e.V.

  • Deutscher Verband für Angewandte Geographie (DVAG)

    Applied geography concerns itself with topics such as urban development, the real estate industry and economic development. As in other branches of research, these subject areas also experience changes and developments. The German Association for Applied Geography (Deutscher Verband für Angewandte Geographie) provides a platform for exchanging knowledge in these fields, for making contacts and for holding discussions.
    For further information visit the website of the:  Deutscher Verband für Angewandte Geographie

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie e.V. (DGFK)
  • Schwäbische Geographische Gesellschaft ( SGG)

    The SGG (Swabian Geographic Society) is an association of people interested in geography whose objectives are to promote geographical research and to support publications, to promote geography in schools, universities and adult education, as well as to promote cooperations and networks with project partners, universities and other institutions, and thus to promote knowledge transfer.

  • EGU
    As an interdisciplinary scientific society for researchers, the air of the EGU is to promote geosciences as well as cooperation between the sciences. Information can be found on the website of the: European Geosciences Union
  • IGU
    Information can be found on the website of the: International Geographical Union
  • International Cartographic Association (ICA)
  • Münchner GI-Runde - Runder Tisch GIS
  • Umweltstation Schneefernerhaus
  • Verband der Geographen an Deutschen Hochschulen (VGDH)

    The Association of Geographers has represented the interests of all geographers in higher education since 1990. Information on the various workgroups is available here.

    For further information visit the website of the:

    Verband der Geographen an deutschen Hochschulen

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