Geography is one of the original subjects to be offered and has thus been represented at the University of Augsburg for almost 50 years (-> Institute history).
Geography has been offered as a course at the University of Augsburg for almost 50 years. Since 2003, the Institute for Geography (IGUA) together with the Institute for Informatics, has formed the Faculty for Applied Informatics, the university’s seventh faculty. In 2004, the content focus of the institute was altered significantly with the main emphasis on climate and environmental research as well as geoinformatics. This led to it having a profile that is still unique in Bavaria to this day. For several years, the focal topic resources have been developed, whereby this term not only includes natural resources (e.g. water, raw materials) but also cultural and social resources (e.g. monuments, family).
Since 2003, the institute has grown continuously: The 3 original chairs (full professors) and a professorship were supplemented with a further professorship (Oct 2008, Professorship for Geoinformatics), a chair set up together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (Dec 2009 Regional Climate and Hydrology Chair) as well as two teaching professorships (Oct 2013 Applied Geoinformatics, Resources Geography of Water) added. In total, more than 60 members of staff and more than 45 lecturers research and teach at the institute and thus take care of over 1700 students on 10 courses.




The institute’s affairs are undertaken by a director, who represents the institute in the faculty as well as vis-à-vis the university management.

Course coordination


A course coordinator in the institute takes care of the teaching and course organisational needs.

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The institute’s IT is managed by a system administrator, who also forms the interface with the data centre.


The institute is divided into four chairs, four professorships, several adjunct professorships as well as an honorary professorship. 


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Geography is one of the original subjects offered at the University of Augsburg. In 1973, human geography was the first tenured professorship to be occupied. It was followed in 1974 by physical geography as well as geography didactics in 1976. The courses were thus also predetermined; apart from offering “Diplom” degree courses, training future teachers for all types of schools also played a fundamental role on the site. For many decades the chairs existed alongside each other as independent units. It was only their merger in 2002 that finally led to a newly formed institute. Geography at Augsburg University acquired its integrative character. With the introduction of the Bachelor of Science degree courses in geography and geoinformatics as well as the Master of Science degrees in geography, climate and environmental sciences and geoinformatics, the institute now presents itself with four tenured professors, four professorships as well as two adjunct professorships. The number of students in recent years has remained constant at around 1,700. Collaboration in geographical teaching, research and application, including with partners in universities and professional practice, as well as with students and committed staff ensures an interesting future for the Institute for Geography in Augsburg.

(KTh 10/7/2019)