We offer a wide spectrum of courses. Details can be found in the University of Augsburg „digicampus“ system. Working group members and external lecturers teach basics as well as current developments in applied geoinformatics. There are courses in Bachelors, Masters and PhD level.

Selected courses

GIS & Kartographie II / GIS & Cartography II

Learn how to produce basic thematic maps in Desktop GIS

Spatial Analysis with GIS

Learn how to easily solve complex spatial problems

Geodata Analysis

Generate, process and visualize geodata using microcontrollers, scripting languages and Desktop GIS

Visual Geo Data Mining (VGDM)

Discover possibilities to visually mine your geo datasets

Scientific Events in Geoinformatics

Visit scientific conferences in order to catch up on current developments in applied geoinformatics

Geoinformatics Project

Do project work on topics like the augmented reality sandbox