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Welcome to the Chair of IT Infrastructure for Translational Medical Research!


Our research field lies at the interface between Medical Data Science, data integration and clinical research. 

Currently, the focus of our work is mainly on three areas:

-       The integration of clinical data, previous biomedical knowledge, and Omics data for Systems Medicine

-       The development of infrastructures for data integration in clinical research with regards to personalized medicine

-       The development of concepts and the establishment of the Augsburg part of the DIFUTURE project within the framework of the Medical Informatics Initiative.

Previous work ranges from the analysis of Omics data to modeling approaches for biomedical knowledge up to the development of software and infrastructures for Systems Medicine.

In teaching, we offer insights into medical informatics, especially IT infrastructures in clinical routine and research as well as information management in healthcare.

This range of courses is completed through seminars, internships, and theses.


General contact information:


Alter Postweg 101

86159 Augsburg

Phone number: +49 821 598 -3738 (administrative office)

Fax: +49 598 -3739

Email: (administrative office)


Building: BCM

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