Paper for SG2RL@CVPR 2024 accepted

Paper for SG2RL@CVPR 2024 accepted

The paper "A Review and Efficient Implementation of Scene Graph Generation Metrics" by Julian Lorenz, Robin Schön, Katja Ludwig, and Rainer Lienhart is accepted at the Workshop on Scene Graphs and Graph Representation Learning at CVPR 2024.

The authors review existing scene graph generation metrics and provide precise definitions that were lacking in this field. Additionally, they introduce an efficient and easy to use python package that implements all discussed metrics. To improve comparability of new scene graph generation methods, the authors provide a benchmarking service that enables an easy evaluation of scene graph generation models.

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Scene graph generation has emerged as a prominent research field in computer vision, witnessing significant advancements in the recent years. However, despite these strides, precise and thorough definitions for the metrics used to evaluate scene graph generation models are lacking. In this paper, we address this gap in the literature by providing a review and precise definition of commonly used metrics in scene graph generation. Our comprehensive examination clarifies the underlying principles of these metrics and can serve as a reference or introduction to scene graph metrics.
Furthermore, to facilitate the usage of these metrics, we introduce a standalone Python package called SGBench that efficiently implements all defined metrics, ensuring their accessibility to the research community. Additionally, we present a scene graph benchmarking web service, that enables researchers to compare scene graph generation methods and increase visibility of new methods in a central place.