Oct. 5, 2020

Paper accepted at the International Conference on 3D Vision 2020

The paper „Error Bounds of Projection Models in Weakly Supervised 3D Human Pose Estimation“ from Nikolas Klug, Moritz Einfalt, Stephan Brehm and Rainer Lienhart has been accepted at the International Conference on 3D Vision (3DV) 2020. In this paper the authors aim to quantify the detrimental effect of simplified projection models on monocular 3D human pose estimation.

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Oct. 5, 2020

New Lecture: Advanced Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Starting this winter term, the chair for Multimedia Computing and Computer Vission is offering the follow-up master lecture Advanced Machine Learning and Computer Vision:


  • Master CS or side-subject CS
  • 2+2 lecture and tutorial
  • Follow-up lecture to Mutlimedia II (INF-0092) / Machine Learning and Compter Vision (INF-0316)
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Oct. 1, 2020

More frequent seminaries

Starting this winter term 2020/21, our seminaries „Multimediale Datenverarbeitung“ (Bachleor) and „Multimedia und maschinelles Sehen“ (Master) will be offered every winter and summer term.

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