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Chair for Machine Learning & Computer Vision
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  • Room 1013 (Building N)

Welcome to the Chair for Machine Learning and Computer Vision.



  • Applied machine learning, e.g., deep neural networks, bayesian networks, random forests
  • Computer vision such as multimodal detection, localization and recognition of people, objects and events, as well as industrial visual and multimodal material inspection.
  • Data Mining of multimodal / mixed signal data (e.g. production data)
  • Indexing and search in image, video and multimodal documents



Bachelor: Foundations of Multimedia, Foundations of Signal Processing and Machine Learning, Multimedia Project

Master: Machine learning and Computer Vision, Advanced Machine learning and Computer Vision, Bayesian Networks, Probabilistic Robotics, Advanced Deep Learning


Job Offers

  • Ph.D. candidates

We are constantly looking for bright minds! If you are just about to finish your Master in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, or alike and want to perform top-class research in Computer Vision, Multimedia (= multiple sources of different signal sources), Data Mining and Analytics, or Machine Learning, please submit your application to Prof. Dr. Rainer Lienhart


  • Student assistants

We are also hiring HiWis to support us with our latest research projects. The main task is programming (scripting) for several purposes (small and simple projects) and data management. For further details please contact Katja Ludwig, Sebastian Scherer, Robin Schön, Daniel Kienzle or Julian Lorenz.