Chair of Networked Embedded Systems and Communication Systems

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Since October there is a new chair at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science!
We are the Chair of 'Networked Embedded Systems and Communication Systems' (NETCOM) and focus, among other things, on the measured and perceived quality of networked applications. These include current internet applications, for which we often encounter network problems ourselves, such as when a video call at home over Wi-Fi is blurry or TikTok videos don't load while on the go in a mobile network. Embedded systems, for example, in the Internet of Things or in the industrial context, also have high requirements for communication networks, necessitating high availability of the communication network or realtime data transmission.
In our research, we investigate how problems in the network can be detected and how the network can be configured to meet requirements, ensuring that issues are quickly resolved or prevented at all. We conduct research using model based approaches through theoretical considerations or simulations, data driven methods employing Data Science and AI/ML, and system based approaches involving realistic implementations and measurements in testbeds with actual hardware.
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Networked Embedded Systems and Communication Systems